The Official SPF Chess Curriculum is officially approved by the USCF and it is being used by a number of schools across the country and around the world. More than 20,000 parents, coaches and teachers from around 85 countries have requested for this curriculum.

Susan Polgar, winner of 4 Women’s World Championships and 5 Olympic Gold Medals, developed this method of teaching based on her solid chess training in Europe (Hungary and Russia). She made many modifications and improvements based on more than a decade of living in the United States and teaching chess to thousands of children. This is the only curriculum that combines the best of both systems.

This course includes:

  • History of Chess
  • Chess Notation Language
  • How to Check & Checkmate
  • Opening Principles
  • Different Chess Tactics & much more!
  • 62 Pages with Illustrations!

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“There are no take-backs – just as in life.
You must think before you move.”

— Susan Polgar